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My first post :)

Hai assalamualaikum :) Long time no see? Sorry busy :( Busy for studying. Whoaaa :O Baiknya awak syamila hahaha. Maklumlah nak PMR :D So takda masa nak update blog bagai. Just wasting my time --' Lagi bagus on twitter :D heeeeeee. But today, I want my old blog. Yang dulunya active. Okay firstly, pasal sekolah.I hate Sejarah, Kemahiran Hidup and all subject because it's so freakin' bored --' Sbp tuh result merosot :'( maigodddd ! Luckly, my dad doesn't know bout that hahaha. You know what? I'm only got 1 A's in my first exam and got 28/32? Bad isn't ? Okay shut up. I know it. In the next exam, I'll try my best :') InsyaAllah 8A's. Aminn. 
Btw skrg dah pukul 12.53 A.M :/ Esok sekolah:O I don't believe it yeah! Haih. I'm really sleepy because I have to hear my brother sing a song with his voice like a frog hahahaha. and I got to go now :) Okayy byeeee :*

*sorry for my broken english*